DIY Mod Podge Silhouette Canvas

After a bathroom remodel I needed a new piece of artwork for the now newly painted walls and I didn’t want to spend a fortune for a piece of art. So of course I was just starting to get the pinterest thing. I was like huh I just pinned something that would look great in my bathroom. A totally easy looking silhouette canvas. Here’s where I got the idea from . It is super easy and It looks professionally done. Who knew the most unartistic person could be an artist.

I luckily was able to get a coupon from JoAnn’s for the canvas a 3 pack for less the $20 bucks, a bottle of acrylic paint, and paint brushes. I spent less than $30 dollars and still have paint and two canvas left to paint. It did take some time……I did not have my kids cut pictures out so I did that work myself and a little trial and error about the puckering of the paper when I realized when it was done that is what gives the canvas character. All that worry for nothing. I did not do a bird cut out but a monogram of my first initial of my last name. It looks good plus its going in the bathroom so the B could be for bathroom as well. Ha ha.

Now all I have to do is get the husband to make a DIY Frame for my new piece of art since my canvas is not the normal shape now I know why they were on sale.  I’ll post that later when it actually gets done. His honey do list is a mile long. (Sorry the photo is not the greatest)


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