Two for One

When I found out I was pregnant with twins it was no surprise. Why you ask? Well from day one of my pregnancy everyone was saying you’re going to have twins even though I was no bigger than any of my other pregnancies. You can say what is spoken will come to fruition. So when the ultrasound tech joked as she was putting the ultrasound wand to my belly “your not having twins are you” she stopped insert foot in mouth as some would say and stated “Your having twins”. My husband saw the two babies immediately and laughed. We still did feel some surprise or unbelief at that time but we were not shocked as some would be. I guess the Lord had been preparing me for twins since day one of my pregnancy.

Two for One not true….I always could not stand the phrase two for the price of one. No not true two for the price of two. Number one you must have basically two of everything cribs, swings, high chairs, car seats, ect. Your hospital bill isn’t even two for one. You still have to pay for two babies doctors, charges for nursery (even though they were probably only in there for a total of an hour our whole hospital stay), two circumcisions (if you’re having boys) and so on. The only thing you get two for one is the pregnancy. Two babies for one pregnancy but even then it feels like two.

I plan on posting cool twin stuff I find and even funny stories about the daily life of having twins as well as having four all under five.


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