The Cuteness of Twins

There is just something special about twins. I know all babies are cute but twins just have some extra special cuteness. Of course it has to be that there are two babies but really its a twin thing. They have known each other since conception and it seems that wherever one is the other is either right beside him or close by. It is fun to see the bond blossom as they grow. They laugh at each other, crawl on top each other, hug each other, and even bite each other. I can’t wait till the talking begins. I can’t wait till I here their first conversation. It is truly a blessing from God to be able to witness his creation grow especially with the Twin connection.

Don’t get me wrong I love watching my older two who could basically be twins. They are only 19 months apart. They are fun to watch as well playing mommy and daddy or prince and princess. I just think being able to witness your children grow into their personalities is the most awesome thing about being a parent.

I was just thinking this morning what my favorite thing about each of my children: Eryn, I have to say I love that when she meets anybody that they are instantly her friend. She has such a loving spirit. It doesn’t matter the age from baby to teenager that person is her friend whether they want to be or not. Trey, I love that he is 100% boy but he still loves to cuddle and he never gives up. The Twins, I love that even though they are twins they still have their separate personality. Trenton is on the go and more independent but still loves his attention and as long as he has his pacifier he is ok. Trevor is more laid back and is happy to sit and watch while sucking his thumb. They are both cuddle bugs.

Children are a blessing from God and I thank him everyday for the blessings he has given me as well as all the patience that will be needed. LOL



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