Mommy and Daughter Date Day

Today I took my 5-year-old daughter out for a little one on one time with mommy a much-needed event. She is my oldest and has three younger brothers so any time away where she can be 100% girl and get my attention is 100% priceless. Today I realized that she has grown into her personality and individuality. It is amazing to me what a span of one year let alone five will bring in the life of a little one. How she has changed from this little baby girl to a little girl who thinks she’s all grown up and knows everything. Didn’t we all think the same when we were that young. LOL. I wish I could keep her little but I know I must let go a little and let her venture and grow into the person God has destined her to be…its hard to do though the thought makes me want to cry and just hug her a little tighter.

Anyways I digress. Let me tell you a little bit about our date. We went for ice cream isn’t that what all of us love. Then to Victoria Secret….Love, that was more for me than her. Love, that I get a free panty coupon every couple of months and I had a bonus because my birthday is  coming up so I also had $10 off. Underwear Heaven! Although I initially went for myself my little girl was excited because they had makeup, lotions, and perfumes she could try. It ended up being the perfect girlie place to bring her. She absolutely loved it and it was free at least for her. Then I took her into Children’s Place and ended up having a head band fashion show. She was so cute showing me every head band with a pose. A true little girl who loves to accessorize, were makeup, and dress up but she does love the mud too.  I love it especially since she is my only girl.  I love that she has her wonderful loving personality where everyone is instantly her friend, she loves all ages, and she has a little bit of shyness. She is perfect in every way. Of course I’m a little partial since she is mine.



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