Teacher Appreciation Week

As all you know with kids in school we are fast approaching teacher appreciation week (the first week of May). I came upon this really cute idea online and since it was economical and didn’t take much time to personalize it was the project for me. My kids each have two teachers and a director in their preschool so I had to find something that wasn’t going to break the bank and be something the teacher’s would actually use. It is super cute!

Here’s my version of  Tip Junkie’s “You were MINT to teach”

1. Box of Altoids or your favorite mint.

2. Wrap in scrap booking paper

3. Take some card stock and print with a little thank you card  the says “You were MINT to teach”.

4. Dress it up. You can either get some ribbon and wrap around or a little bow. Haven’t dressed mine up yet that why there’s no pic of the completely finished product will add to post when it gets done.

There you go something relatively cheap to put together
that doesn’t take a lot of time and its something that will get some use.

Sorry about the pictures my photography skills are a work in progress.


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