My Favorite Trim Healthy Mama Products

Trim Healthy Mama has been more than a diet. I hate diets by the way never been on one and never will. So, when I made up my mind that I needed to lose a little weight like 20lbs (a toddler) I decided I wasn’t going to do a diet, but a lifestyle change. Well, it has been almost 2 years since I started my THM journey I have lost well over 20lbs and feel great. I do not feel deprived nor starved. I am now a Trim Healthy Mama of 4 wonderful kids with more energy, better self-image, and loving the way I eat. I get to eat things like butter, cookies, chocolate, and wonderful protein filled almond milkshakes. Can you tell I love desserts? I actually eat less desserts now that I now longer have sugar cravings.

I bet you’re wondering now what is this Trim Healthy Mama way of life. Well, to briefly describe it Trim Healthy Mama is keeping your fuels and your fats separate, removing all sugar, white starches (rice, potatoes, pasta) out of your diet. We THMer’s mainly use Stevia, Swerve, Xylitol, or Erythirtol as sweetners and brown rice or quinoa as our carb source. I’m not going to give away all the details you need to join the Trim Healthy Mama facebook page and get the book.

On to my original intention the wonderful Trim Healthy Mama products. I absolutely love everything they have in their product line. They actually care how their products are processed and what’s in them. My favorites so far are the Whey Protein Powder, Stevia Concentrate (last forever), Sweetblend, and Erythirtol. These are all essentials when starting the THM plan. I personally would start with the Whey Protein Powder, Stevia Concentrate, and the Sweetblend. If your interested in purchasing any of the above products please follow this link. I hope you enjoyed by little blurb about THM if your interested in learning more or need help feel free to comment.

Note: I was not paid to endorse these products, but this post contains affiliate links, which means that if you click on one of the product links, I’ll receive a small portion of your sale as compensation.

Oh and here is a picture taken about a year ago — Thanks to THM 20+lbs gone forever.

20+lbs gone forever. Thanks THM!

20+lbs gone forever. Thanks THM!


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