9 Years Update!

Soul Shine Pizza Factory is absolutely delightful. It is nestled in the trendy Nashville area of Division Street. Entertainment, Patio, and Pizza you can not go wrong.

We had the pizza more specifically “The Kitchen Sink”, the name says it all it has everything. Although, all the black olives made it to my side of the pizza because the other half doesn’t care for them. I also had a small Greek salad which was enough for two. The pizza crust was not to thick and not to thin; the perfect combo of crunchy and chewy. The pizza was by no means greasy especially with all the delicious meat toppings of pepperoni and sausage. Soul Shine’s menu has everything from salads, pizza, calzones, Po Boys, and some typical southern Louisiana dishes like Red Beans and Rice.

Now that I’ve finished my Restaurant review. We can get on to the juicy Anniversary stuff. You know how I said on a previous post we don’t usually do Anniversary gifts well the husband did. Don’t you hate that when he gets you something, but you didn’t get him anything! Of course, my husband is just happy to sit, have dinner, and listen to live music. So, I guess you can say that was my gift. Anyways, he surprised me with a Pandora bracelet with the charm #9 for the 9 years of marriage and later as we were talking he surprised me with another charm, a star. Now this one has a special story……

When we were dating my husband then boyfriend bought a Star with one of those National Star Registries. It was a really sweet gift and he even named it “Arzalone”. Isn’t he romantic?

So, there you go a little glimpse into our Anniversary date. What is your favorite place to go on your Anniversary? Do you do the “lets not do gifts this year and still give a gift”?


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