Why Wait?

Sarah waited 25 years to see Promises fulfilled even when it looked like it would never happen. For goodness sake she was “old and well stricken with age, and it ceased to be with Sarah the manner of women” Gen 18:11.  Sarah wasn’t even able to physically get pregnant. She needed divine intervention to see the Promises spoken come to pass. Do you think Sarah had given up? We know that she tried to intervene and usher the Promise in with using Hagar her handmaid, (Gen. 16) but nothing good comes from us mere humans meddling in God’s handiwork.  Didn’t Sarah’s meddling caused not only jealously or even hate for Hagar “her mistress despised her in her eye…” Gen 16:4, but also sorrow. She wasn’t the only one affected by her rush to see God’s promises fulfilled; everyone suffered Abraham, Sarah, Hagar, and even the child Ishmael. Nothing good comes from Human intervention. We need to relinquish the control and sit back and watch God’s hand at work. Why do you think God made Sarah wait for her promise? Do you think she needed a lesson in patience or faith? There are so many lessons learned in waiting. Giving God Control, Waiting on God, Believing in God, having the Faith that his word and work will not return void, and just Resting in Him not worrying about making it happen. Because sometimes our promises need to show up in times where they don’t look possible in order to renew our faith in God and to be a testimony to the Goodness and Faithfulness of our Father.


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