Meet Sherri

20140724_200936_Sun_BlackHi there.

I’m Sherri, mother to four wonderful children (one girl, boy, and twin boys), a volunteer, and college student. Whew I’m “one busy momma” or “I have my hands full” as some would say to me when they see me out with all four, but I like to think my Heart is Full with the love of all these babies.  It is the honor that God has given me to raise such wonderful loving children.

After having my first child (my only little girl) I went back to work for a couple of months, but decided I would rather be at home raising my little girl. Luckily my husband agreed (maybe with a little persuasion) that I would be a stay at home for at least a year. Well now it has been over 7 years and I am still a stay at home mom and love it. Of course it has its challenges although, I wouldn’t trade the time I have with my children for anything in this world. God works in mysterious ways!

So, here I am starting a blog to chronicle all the as my husband says “useless knowledge”. Information that I come upon while researching things to make our life less toxic and safer for my children. Don’t we all want the best or better for our children? I know I do. I never realized the responsibility I would have as a parent. The things I would have to question or know about i.e. vaccines, the evils of msg, and pretty much everything under the sun (lol).

I will also be posting about the things and people I absolutely love, recipes, books I read, products I love, what its like having twins, and just for fun things I’ve tried on Pinterest.You will get a glimpse of all these things and more so be sure to check back often.

My loves at the zoo summer of 2014



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