Sorry it’s been awhile. I’ve been one busy woman. This past month the twins turned one. So with planning the joint birthday party of the twins and my now 4-year-old, VBS, husband out-of-town for work, house cleaning, CSA pick ups, dr. appts,¬† pool time, gardening, and now consignment time my summer has been crazy.

Here’s a picture of my garden if you were wondering: (that’s my oldest watering it)

Back to Birthday parties ….. They are a lot of work. I kick myself every time I throw one because I don’t really get to enjoy it. I tell myself every year home parties with just family from now on. Unless we have it someplace else where someone else cleans up the mess. So totally worth the money you spend if you can sit back relax and let someone else deal with the entertainment and mess. But that’s not really what it’s about right. I guess that’s why I like to throw them a party because I can add the special mommy touch that makes them feel special. A mass market place cannot do that the way I can. I love my children and hope that when they get older they truly appreciate all the work (blood, sweat, and tears) I put into planning their birthday parties. We don’t go overboard and spend tons on money on parties. I’m a keep it simple person. No big decorations. Just us and a cake, some food, and a craft. I don’t even do party favors. That’s just crazy to me giving gifts to party goers. Who started that trend because they need to be hog tied and hung from a tree. That’s like the everybody gets a trophy in sports for “participation”. What are we teaching our children that everyone is a winner….everyone should get the same opportunity whether they work for it or not. I know I don’t want to teach my child that new age junk. Sorry I got off on a rant. Really!!!!

This is the craft I did for my son’s birthday party. He asked for a dinosaur theme so we did a sock puppet t rex craft¬† (click link to get to page) from website and I also had a dino shooting range my idea. This was just some plastic dinos on a table and a couple of the nerf dart guns. The boys loved it and of course they were shooting other things as well. The party was a great success and I felt accomplished on giving my kids the best 1st and 4th birthday I could have given them. Next year though I’m thinking someplace not near my home!

So that’s all I got for today….I’ll probably post some more this month if I can find some time. I’m thinking on doing a series on freezer cooking. Let me know what you think.